Nobody keeps your production assets at peak performance quite like Danos.

From production support to construction, fabrication, coatings, logistics and more—our customers get more than just a job well done. They get results.

We’ve got it covered.

When it comes to blasting and coatings—Danos is all over it.

With Danos Blasting and Coatings Services, we make it easy to maintain operational compliance while extending the life of your facility’s assets. Fit to meet your onshore and offshore needs, our solutions are complete with job planning and scheduling, material and logistics procurement, quality assurance, and the highest standard of safety—so you never have to worry about the details when Danos is on the job.

Our solutions include:

  • Comprehensive project surveys with pictures, cost estimates, schedules and timelines
  • Complete management of your on-site BMP plan from start to finish
  • Offering the latest technology for your surface preparation and coatings application needs (abrasive blasting and UHP water blasting)
  • Full range of surface preparation methodologies
  • Complete coating maintenance services

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