Safety first.

As a company, we’re all about protecting investments—both professional and personal. So we go to great lengths to create an environment of safety and minimized risk and overall well-being for our most valuable assets: our employees.

When it comes to safety, Danos goes above and beyond to protect our team and the integrity of your project. Every Danos employee attends a multi-day safety training program; it’s the reason behind our world-class safety results, industry-leading TRIR, and multiple U.S. Department of Interior SAFE awards. Danos’ safe, well-trained crews deliver cost savings, decreased downtime and improved operations for your project, and we have the safety metrics to prove it.

Our goals are clear:

  • Create added value for customers through world-class performance in health, safety and environmental protection, and
  • Provide the support, training, tools and environment to ensure all of our employees return home safely to their families.

There is no greater value at Danos than ensuring the well-being of our employees and subcontractors. Our company culture reinforces individual responsibility as a means to increase both personal safety, as well as the safety of fellow employees. From minimizing risk on the platform to emphasizing safety through education, Danos goes above and beyond to protect every team member.

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