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Diligent & Detailed
Reply #5 on : Tue July 09, 2013, 10:48:50
Just wanted to pass along a little note to let you know how much I appreciate how diligent and detailed the Danos guys are out here. They are excellent and help tremendously and it makes things so much easier on me. They always turn in spill reports promptly, their information is detailed and clear, there is never anything missing, I never have any questions, and they are very helpful. I appreciate their hard work very much and I just wanted you to know how great they are and that we definitely notice it.

B.Granger, HES Technician, Oxy Permian


Outstanding Superindendent Leadership
Reply #4 on : Fri August 10, 2012, 13:59:19
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the professionalism you have shown on the recent project. I would especially like to recognize your field superintendent on his abilities as the leader / Superintendent on this project.
His organization of his crew and the work needed to be performed is by far some of the best I’ve been involved in. His leadership skills are some that not many possess, he knows how to handle each one of his crew members and all that work for him respect him. He would not ask any of them to do something that he would not do himself, I know this because I have witnessed him working alongside of them be it on top of scaffolds or in the mud and water. His knowledge of fabrication and welding is excellent and he stays ahead of his crew in knowing what task they will be working on when they were complete with the task they were given. He has always kept me informed of what his plans were and was never to proud to ask for an opinion on some of the critical tasks he was getting ready to engage in. Safety of his crew, himself, and other contractors working in the area has been his top priority from the beginning of this project to the very end.
Thanks again to the Danos team from the managers to the crew members just starting out in our industry for a job well done.

B. Meaux
BJM Inspection & Consulting LLC


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