Safety is no accident.

Danos actively applies organizational principles, core values and operational guidelines to foster one of the safest working environments in the industry.

At Danos, safety really is first. It’s reinforced through company culture, working environments and the extensive on-going training every Danos employee undergoes as part of our standard operating procedure. It’s something we’re proud of, and a direct reflection of the long-standing values that have made Danos what it is today.

That’s why every Danos employee undergoes four day training and evaluation before ever heading out to a job. Encompassing a multitude of job-specific training courses, the Danos workforce training initiative was designed to meet or exceed compliance standards set by government agencies, expectations of customer contracts and company best practices. This comprehensive four-day course includes modules in Rigger, PEC Awareness, Lockout/Tagout, and Dangers of Pressure, along with 31 additional topics. Danos invests in an employee’s understanding of his job and safety expectations beginning day one.

Day One: New Hire Orientation/Core Compliance – Initial

Day Two: Core Compliance – Annual

Day Three: Rigger API 6th Edition /Dangers of Pressure

Day Four: Daily Safety Management - Core Initiative Training, Proactive safety tools explained in this program include: Behavioral JSA Process, Intervention, Observations, Near Miss reporting, and the Safety Meeting Process.

Through our well managed and documented training process, employees are able to learn the skill sets that will keep them focused on the job—and help them enrich their career opportunities. It’s just another way we help to keep our employees safe, informed—and give them the best tools for ideal operating environments.

Trainings courses Include:

  • Core Compliance Training
  • Core Initiatives Training
  • DOT-OQ Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Mentor Training
  • DEVELOP Production Personnel Training - This skills training program was established to help advance production personnel up the skills ladder, as well as to validate the skill level of existing personnel. The course program spans over seven years and has five training levels, from entry level to Lead Operator level. The program encompasses four training methods, which are classroom study, on-the-job training, skill checkpoints, and API profit series books. To learn more, employees can contact their Account Manager.

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