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Our company culture focuses on the values of integrity, improvement, service, respect and an uncompromising emphasis on safety in the workplace. And part of that is making sure every project goes as planned, every work environment meets the highest industry standards and enforcing a policy of fairness and overall diversity throughout our team.

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We’re always looking to add new, results-driven employees to our workforce. No matter your level of experience, no matter where you are, the right job could be waiting for you here.  

When you work for Danos, we work for you too!  There are many ways that Danos provides for team members in addition to personal growth and a paycheck, including:

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Our services and capabilities help produce confidence for some of the biggest names in oil and gas. But we can’t do it without the right people.  If you’re ready to bring the dedication, we’ll bring the training, resources and support for career success.

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Training & Competency

Safety is no accident.

Danos actively applies organizational principles, core values and operational guidelines to foster one of the safest working environments in the industry.

At Danos, safety really is first. It’s reinforced through company culture, working environments and the extensive on-going training every Danos employee undergoes as part of our standard operating procedure. It’s something we’re proud of, and a direct reflection of the long-standing values that have made Danos what it is today.

All Danos field employees are required to achieve competency in core health, safety and environmental units, regardless of their role within the organization. The objective of establishing core competencies across the organization is to ensure that any Danos employee can demonstrate knowledge, received through training, to competently perform routinely required tasks in the work area while minimizing or eliminating risk to the employee’s health, the safety of others and the environment. These HSE core competencies are associated with industry-accepted best practices and standards, as well as basic regulatory requirements. HSE core competencies are verified through internal assessment techniques and/or industry recognized certifications.

Through our well-managed and documented training and competency program, employees are able to learn the skill sets that will keep them focused on the job—and help enrich their career opportunities. It’s just another way we help to keep our employees safe, informed—and give them the best tools for ideal operating environments.
Join Danos today and experience a safety-focused partnership like no other.

[ + ] Safety is a Value.
We believe every person working with Danos should return home safely to their families every time. We vigorously strive to protect our employees by providing the support, knowledge, tools and environment they need to work safely every day.
[ + ] Danos Work Safe Oath
Every employee takes the Work Safe Oath to fulfill obligations to personal safety and the safety of others. Following this oath is one step in preventing major events from happening while saving lives.

Values-based Approach

We pride ourselves in doing things the right way—including our commitment to diversity within the Danos workforce.

Creating a diverse workforce that reflects the rich make-up of the areas where we live and work is a long-standing priority at Danos. The Danos Purpose drives us to discover ways to empower the greatness inherent within each team member, so they solve big challenges. Just as we have championed safer work environments for our employees and communities, we are also taking the lead with initiatives such as our Internship Program and targeted recruiting outreach with our education partners. By leveraging our position of influence in the industry, we are committed to bringing about real change that provides equal opportunities and results in solutions that address the growing and evolving energy industry's needs.

Our business runs on getting serious results for our clients. And the best way to make sure that happens is by seeking out and hiring the most qualified, diverse employee base possible. Through our commitment to diversity, the Danos team is able to bring unique strengths and ideas to every project, which helps us deliver consistent quality to every customer.

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Danos Foundation
The Danos Foundation impacts and improves the communities where we live and work by mirroring the Purpose and Values of Danos. Within the guidelines of the Foundation’s Purpose and Values, we leverage our resources of time, talent and money to support and promote involvement in activities and initiatives to help resolve community challenges and make a difference in the lives of people.