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Valve & Wellhead Services

Whether you need field service, hydrostatic testing, inspections, repairs, replacements or rebuilds, Danos provides qualified technicians to handle your valve and wellhead needs. With 24/7 on-call customer service, let our professionals help you with the most cost-effective and timely solutions.

24/7 on-call customer service
Valve Field Services

Danos is capable of inspecting, repairing and rebuilding any field-repairable valve such as:

  • Surface safety (SSV)
  • Flow safety (FSV)
  • Back pressure
  • Pressure safety (PSV)
  • Shut-down
  • Control valves
  • Globe
  • Block
  • Plug
  • Actuators
  • Compact
  • Daniels SR Meter Runs

 Our team is experienced providing setting and retrieval methods for back pressure valves and two-way check valves in accordance with all BSEE regulations. We can set valve removal plugs for casing valve maintenance as well as valve change out.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Danos can develop a preventative maintenance schedule to meet your needs involving greasing and operating of your valves.

  • Survey existing valves and actuators
  • Develop inventory database
  • Routine maintenance, such as changing fittings, greasing valves, ensuring valves are operative, etc.
  • Troubleshooting and repairs
Annual PSV Inspections

Our valve technicians can conduct the inspection and provide documentation for all BSEE required annual pressure safety valve inspections. Leaking and malfunctioning PSVs can be repaired or changed upon customer approval.

Wellhead Services
  • Plug & abandonments
  • Completions
  • De-completions
Hydrostatic Testing

Danos has a hydrostatic test-bay system that can test up to 30,000 psi. The system is designed to allow the operator to safely test valves at high pressures inside of a blast chamber. Unlike manual chart recorders, our system performs electronically and yields extremely precise results. All test reports are kept on file for five years.

Valve Sales

We can purchase new replacement valves from one of our quality suppliers. Or for a more cost-effective alternative, we also offer exchange programs that replace a malfunctioning valve with one that has been reconditioned.

Valve & Wellhead Services Team Leads

Arena Shallow Valve Maintenance & Repairs
A customer’s surface safety valve (SSV) was experiencing constant failure on monthly inspections. They called Danos for valve maintenance.