Producing Confidence®

Production Workforce

People make the job.

It takes the right people to meet your performance goals. That’s why Danos serves as a resource for trained industry professionals across the globe. With a legacy of safety, results and professionalism, Danos ensures all of our specialists have what it takes to keep your operations going strong. With Danos’ Production Workforce solutions on your side, you can find the most qualified specialists for every task. And that means helping you achieve greater production uptime with fewer accidents, less personnel turnover—and an all-around greater value from your investments.

Meet your production goals with confidence.
Production Support
  • Production operators (entry through foreman level) 
  • Production specialists
  • Lease operators
  • Pipeline locators
  • Automation technicians
  • Well analysts
  • Plant operators
  • Flowback crews
  • Safety professionals
  • ESP technicians
  • Compressor operators
  • Instrumentation and electrical technicians 
  • Crane operators 
  • Dispatchers
  • Drilling clerks 
  • Electricians 
  • Mechanics 
  • Offshore clerks 
  • Roustabout crews
  • Construction and maintenance crews

Deepwater Operations Support

  • Ballast-control operators
  • Barge supervisors
  • OIMs
  • Project consultants

Pipeline Operations Support

  • Construction/fabrication support
  • DOT certified personnel
  • Maintenance crews
  • Operations specialists

International Operations Support

  • Drilling and production engineers
  • Production operator trainers
  • Safety specialists

Production Workforce Team Leads

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Providing Safety Leadership in the Field
When a contractor provides workforce support to an operation, the safety culture of the operator has to be taken into serious consideration. Danos employees are affected every day by the safety standards of the customer. We were experiencing a number of safety incidents at a particular location and recognized that changes were imperative to protect our employees. The operator was going through a number of changes, downsizing and settling internal conflicts. The whole culture of safety needed to be rebuilt.