Social Responsibility

Living our values.

Social responsibility is a broad term for the many ways in which we are guided by our core values in our treatment of our employees, customers, communities and supply chain relationships. From our charitable work to our diversity and inclusion initiatives, we are living our values of mutual respect and the promotion of human dignity.

With the steady leadership of three generations and the company-wide value of service, Danos is charting its unique path of social responsibility. From its charitable work to its safety culture, Danos strives to be a place where all employees feel respected, welcomed, and appreciated.

Giving Back

The Danos Foundation is a manifestation of the company’s purpose: “Honor God. Solve big challenges for our customers and communities.” The Foundation’s focus area, the care of others, is based on Matthew 25:35-36, 40.

35For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me. 40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

The Foundations guiding principles are:

  1. We believe that all people are created in the image of God; therefore, we have a responsibility to care for and serve others.
  2. We seek to invest in organizations providing sustainable solutions to needs by addressing underlying root issues and building strong families.
  3. We seek to develop long-term partnerships with well-managed organizations.
  4. We seek to invest in organizations that are connected to our team and impacting the communities where we live and work.

Funded primarily through employee donations and Danos corporate contributions, the Foundation has given nearly $500,000 to help 80 organizations and more than 300 employees in need since its launch in 2017. Foundation activities are managed by an employee-led committee with guidance from its board of directors – Chairman Mark Danos, and members Hank, Eric, and Paul Danos. The Foundation leverages three programs to provide support to the communities where Danos employees live and work.

  • The GIVES grant program awards funding to approved non-profit organizations that help solve community challenges.
  • The WORKS program donates money to approved non-profit organizations where Danos employees volunteer their time. 
  • The CARES program is an employee-driven, internal initiative through which funds are distributed to employees with needs arising from unexpected events.

Focus on People

Danos’ focus on people is rooted in its value of safety. Nothing is more paramount than bringing every employee home safely every day. To create a culture in which everyone operates with safety as a value mindset versus a priority mindset, Danos has established robust, ongoing, and thorough training procedures and reinforces vital safety messages with employees across all locations. Systematic analysis of past experiences and tracking leading and lagging indicators are the cornerstone of Danos’ behavior-based safety program. The results speak for themselves: industry-leading TRIR, four-time winner of the US Department of Interior’s SAFE Award, two-time winner of NOIA’s Culture of Safety Award, Center for Offshore Safety Leadership Award finalist. But nothing is as meaningful as when Danos employees share their thoughts on the company’s commitment to safety.

Diversity and Inclusion

The industry is responding to the changing needs of an increasingly complex world in many ways. In addition to focusing on the environment and innovation during the energy transition, leading producers have also made diversity and inclusion a priority for their workforce.

Why it Matters

The company’s purpose drives Danos to empower the greatness and value inherent within each team member so they solve big challenges. This happens best when employees reflect the diverse communities in which everyone in the company lives and works, and the workplace fosters a culture of diverse perspectives and opinions.  Danos’ goal is to create a space in which employees feel a sense of belonging. 

Danos is proud of the team they’ve built and the services provided to customers. The company wants to ensure that all employees and others they engage within the workplace experience the core value of respect where people are treated in a way that preserves and builds their dignity.

Danos’ Approach

Danos is positioned to be a leader among service companies by embracing the need for diversity and inclusion in a deliberate and accountable manner. In 2019, the company retained the services of PricewaterhouseCoopers to help Danos develop corporate strategies and goals for diversity and inclusion that will ensure long-term impact. These goals ensure a focus on purpose, build and maintain a diverse workforce, cultivate and support an inclusive culture, and drive leadership accountability. Danos is investing in several different efforts to diversify its workforce, particularly through recruitment and retention strategies. 

Diversity in Recruitment

As the industry seeks skilled employees, Danos must look for means of identifying and attracting non-traditional candidates. These candidates must be provided with a workplace where they feel accepted for who they are as individuals, and their unique viewpoint is heard and appreciated. Danos aims to connect with a wider range of potential employees to communicate the opportunities for a career in the industry. Addressing any misconceptions, demonstrating the company’s commitment to inclusivity, and valuing different perspectives can make a difference in attracting new people to join the industry.  

Danos invests in the next generation of workers through partnerships with several technical and community colleges in strategic geographies that offer degrees in process technology, production technology, instrumentation, and electrical. In addition, Danos is working with customers to review course curricula at select schools to ensure students are receiving the relevant preparation to meet industry needs. This arrangement also helps to make more students aware of the career opportunities available to them in the industry. It further strengthens partnerships with schools as coursework is being planned with a focus on the needs of the future, such as energy transition and multi-skilled workers. 

Another Danos initiative is an on-the-job-learning program that is customizable based on the unique goals of each of the customers that partner with Danos on the program. Students at partner schools can gain hands-on experience in industry-specific work processes, resulting in a 94-percent participation success rate. While in the programs, students apply theoretical knowledge gained through classroom study to practical solutions and applications. This customizable solution has been especially successful in increasing more candidates from underrepresented groups. Several of them have since been hired by Danos or direct with customers for full-time positions. In addition, these students’ success has generated greater enthusiasm and awareness about industry careers, leading to higher enrollment in related programs at the technical and community colleges. A critical program objective is to provide a solution for the talent gap in the industry and build a workforce that is prepared for future challenges such as technological advances.

In addition to expanding the talent pipeline to include more women, people of color, or others in underrepresented groups, Danos is also recruiting veterans through a partnership with NextOp, an organization focused on helping veterans transition from military service to civilian careers. By reviewing job descriptions with NextOp, Danos is working to identify essential, transferrable skills which would enable veterans to find new careers in the industry.  

Culture of Inclusivity

Danos’ commitment to diversity includes all employees regardless of race, nationality, sex, age, disability status, or other minority categories. Individual differences are inherently valuable, providing the company with a richer and broader base of knowledge, experience, and talent.

Employee Experience

Danos has long been focused on the employee experience and has workers who have been with the company for decades, some for more than one generation. Industry leaders have recognized Danos for providing a caring, employee-centered experience. The company has accomplished this by refusing to be complacent and always searching for opportunities to live the company value of improvement. In addition to the genuine care and support shown by the operations and administrative teams, Danos has initiatives to ensure they are doing all they can to create a positive employee experience through personalized touchpoints with employees. 

  • One example is the employee stay interview initiative, a series of one-on-one discussions with employees designed to learn more about why employees choose to work at Danos, what support they have on the job, inclusion opportunities they have been provided with, and uncover any concerns the employee may have.  This is also an opportunity for employees to offer suggestions for improvements. These meetings are helping Danos gain insight into both individual worker’s perceptions of Danos and broader values that workers share. The information learned from employees is vital to building on the practices that have worked well and making plans to address opportunities for improvement.
  • Beyond individual conversations, Danos’ HR team has established a confidential reporting channel for employees and others in the workplace. By providing workers with an anonymous way to share important concerns or information outside of normal reporting processes, Danos empowers people to help protect the company’s Value of Integrity. Whether the issue is suspected misconduct or negligence, or any other sensitive situation, Danos is committed to making sure all team members and those we work with can comfortably share their concerns. 
Performance Development

A significant contributor to employee satisfaction and job tenure is the opportunity for growth and advancement that aligns with Danos’ purpose to “Develop great people to solve big challenges for our customers and communities.” Danos is committed to helping workers achieve their full potential by actively supporting their journey through targeted assessments, competency assessments, and supplemental training. Since early 2018, more than 480 Danos employees have experienced promotions in positions or developmental work assignments.

  • Employees have access to a development tool that accounts for employee career aspirations and the vision and goals of Danos. In addition, the tool challenges employees and managers to create actionable steps so employees may take ownership in their personal development while progressing Danos. 
  • The Danos leadership team is provided with development opportunities to ensure they are prepared to support the company’s purpose, vision, values, and strategic priorities.
  • Danos collaborated with technology partners to design a field-focused competency management system (CMS) and learning management system (LMS) that incorporates training and skill set-specific competencies that can be analyzed across the industry or the specific employee level. Additionally, as employees progress through their careers with Danos, assessments are conducted to verify technical understanding of field operations, allowing Danos to identify knowledge and technical aptitude gaps.
  • Industry-centric CBTs are used to expedite learning and development, and training modules are storyboarded by subject matter experts and developed using the latest 3D modeling technology. These CBTs encompass typical skillsets deployed upstream, midstream, and downstream. Additionally, through collaborative efforts with technology partners, Danos developed a state-of-the-art interactive VR offshore platform designed to measure specific competencies. This interactive platform allows the user to immerse in a virtual environment, perform tasks, identify equipment, and explain theories to a qualified assessor. As a result, VR minimizes, and in some cases, eliminates the need for on-site competency assessments.
Danos Foundation
The Danos Foundation impacts and improves the communities where we live and work by mirroring the Purpose and Values of Danos. Within the guidelines of the Foundation’s Purpose and Values, we leverage our resources of time, talent and money to support and promote involvement in activities and initiatives to help resolve community challenges and make a difference in the lives of people.