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Renewables Services

Since 1947, Danos has progressed from a service provider primarily focused on oil and gas to one that supports our customers’ evolving energy portfolios. From electrical and inspection to maintenance, trust the Danos energy experts to help you maintain your investments safely and efficiently.

Your partner for sustainable success.
Solar Operations Services

  • Panel replacements: Replacing damaged or defective units to increase production.
  • Wire management: Cost competitive replacement options and upgrades.
  • DC health: Optimize system performance and prevent issues proactively.
  • Feeder repairs: Swiftly address electrical disruptions for uninterrupted power flow.

Solar Maintenance Services

  • Inverter maintenance: Prolong the life of your inverters and maintain optimal performance.
  • Scheduled and unscheduled repairs: Count on us for timely fixes to minimize downtime and stay ahead of potential problems with our regular checks.
  • Vegetation control and management: Ensure unobstructed sunlight and safe system operation with proactive measures to prevent vegetation-related issues.


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