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Competency Assurance and Training

It takes commitment

Danos recognizes that for a quality competency assurance and training program to be successful, it takes commitment. Our high-performance culture is a result of commitment from our executives and individual employees. Because of that commitment, Danos has implemented a state-of-the-art solution to measure and monitor employees through their employment lifecycle.

“I see professional growth and career development opportunities for myself in this organization.”

Our competency assurance and training program is designed to track and measure the competency profile of each field employee by way of algorithms embedded in an analytic system. This solution measures individual competencies and is designed to aid employees in career progression. Our specially designed system can incorporate specific courses and customer competency requirements seamlessly aligning with our customers' goals and requirements.

Danos uses a customized competency management solution to deploy oil and gas centric computer-based trainings (CBT) to expedite learning and development . The training modules were created by subject-matter experts and developed using the latest 3D modeling technology. These CBTs encompass all typical skillsets we employ in upstream, midstream and downstream.  

All Danos field employees are required to achieve competency in core health, safety and environmental units, regardless of their role within the organization. The objective of establishing core competencies across the organization is to ensure that any Danos employee can demonstrate knowledge, received through training, to competently perform routinely required tasks in the work area while minimizing or eliminating risk to the employee’s health, the safety of others and the environment. These HSE core competencies are associated with industry-accepted best practices and standards, as well as basic regulatory requirements. HSE core competencies are verified through internal assessment techniques and/or industry recognized certifications.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

While we recognize that training is a building block to a competent employee, it cannot be a complete solution. We have collaborated with technology partners to design a competency management system that incorporates training and skill-set competencies that can be analyzed globally or down to a specific employee.

Danos’ objective is to establish core competencies across the organization. In addition to meeting or exceeding compliance standards, the core competencies ensure that every employee can demonstrate applied knowledge to perform routine tasks in the work area while minimizing or eliminating risk to the employee’s health, the safety of others and the environment. Through collaborative efforts with our technology partners, we have developed a state-of-the-art, interactive virtual offshore platform designed to measure specific competencies. This interactive platform allows the user to immerse in a virtual environment to perform tasks, identify equipment and explain theories to a qualified assessor. Virtual reality minimizes or, in some cases, eliminates the need for on-site competency assessments.

The competency, learning and training management systems are intertwined so that regression analytics can be performed on all variables. This allows Danos to select best-in-class employees, develop them and measure all performance to improve output.


Danos Foundation
The Danos Foundation impacts and improves the communities where we live and work by mirroring the Purpose and Values of Danos. Within the guidelines of the Foundation’s Purpose and Values, we leverage our resources of time, talent and money to support and promote involvement in activities and initiatives to help resolve community challenges and make a difference in the lives of people.