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Coastal Restoration


Danos is licensed to fabricate Natrx’s Oysterbreak and ExoForm™ “Cajun Coral” concrete modules at scale for use in coastal restoration projects across the Gulf South region. Using 3D-printing technology, Danos can produce Cajun Coral units anywhere in the world.


Danos is a trusted partner for coastal restoration, pipeline protection and artificial reef construction projects. In addition to fabrication of bioengineered modules, Danos offers a full range of supportive services including project management and field workforce. 

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Technology-powered solutions for restoring the natural environment.
Coastal Restoration
  • Proprietary Natrx modules fabricated by Danos in Amelia, LA, at scale for use in marine environments throughout the Gulf South.
  • Living shorelines are more cost-effective and better for environmental growth than traditional alternatives such as riprap or bulkheads.
  • Easier to install, requiring less material/smaller footprint and greater budget predictability.
  • Hurricane-tested strength that only increases over time.

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Partnerships that make a difference
Pipeline Protection
  • Asset preservation to rebuild wetlands.
  • Proven effective for canal remediation/washouts.
  • Armored protection for pipeline exposures.
  • Cost effective, low maintenance and easier to install.
  • Turnkey/tailored project solutions available.

Artificial Reef Creation
  • Oyster-seeding and implantation of live coral to support marine habitats, fish populations.
  • Cost-effective, modular solution for artificial reef construction and marine habitat restoration.
  • Shallow and deeper water solutions for a variety of natural environments.
  • Proven effective in diverse applications.

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Danos Difference

Partnership with Natrx
Natrx is a Raleigh, NC-based technology enterprise with decades of experience developing coastal resilience solutions. A previous recipient of a Shell Gamechanger Grant, Natrx has partnered with Danos on a number of coastal restoration projects. Working together, the two companies offer advanced technology solutions paired with real-world implementation and expertise.


Coastal Restoration Team Leads

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Pipeline Infrastructure Protection
Provide Shell Pipeline infrastructure protection with a biodiverse solution in a critical habitat enabling important sustainability benefits, including wetland conservation and oyster creation.