Coatings Solves Challenges with Technology

Coatings Solves Challenges with Technology

By: Kim Dang |
Project Manager

Danos’ coatings team recently faced a customer challenge at an owner facility in Louisiana located near a residential area. The challenge was to perform coatings maintenance projects to a tank roof without sand blasting dust and spray paint mists traveling into the neighbors’ yards.

Danos and one of our partners were able to utilize an Ultra High-Pressure Robot water blasting system that eliminates dust, reduces waste and lessens the time of personnel in a hazardous environment to minimal exposure.

The robot is operated by joystick and driven over areas requiring coatings removal. It employs 40,000 psi of water to remove the existing coatings from the tank roof surface and has a vacuum that sucks out the used water and removed paint chips into a storage bin for filtration. Once the water is filtered, it can be sent in to the drains, sumps or other local run-off for water without creating a hazardous waste to remove from the facility.

The customer and the neighbors were all pleased with Danos' work in keeping dust and paint contained. This is just one example of Danos utilizing technology to help solve customer challenges. 

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