Danos Drones: 2019 Technology Initiative in Action

Danos Drones: 2019 Technology Initiative in Action

By: Caleb Voisin |
Senior Project Manager

In today’s world, technology is constantly evolving and impacting our everyday lives. It is also changing how we conduct business. In line with Danos’ 2019 technology initiative, Danos teams are utilizing drones daily to not only track progress but also to assist with bidding and constructability.

To track progress on jobs in West Texas, every afternoon project coordinators fly a drone above facilities, taking photos that encompass the entire project. These photos are then added to a daily report. Weekly, the team shows the photos and identifies the critical areas in which we worked. Additionally, we provide the customer with tracked safety and production key performance indicators on a daily and weekly basis. Lastly, we provide the customer with a weekly updated project schedule.

Both Danos and customer management can utilize this to quickly see everything that has happened on the project from one day to the next. This helps with job planning, reduces the amount of questions and helps to keep the entire team on the same page. This also allows our fabrication team and office personnel to see how their hard work is helping in the overall picture.

Drone technology also comes in handy for project bidding. During bid walks, the team flies the drone and takes a few overview shots. They upload these into our cad software, scale the pictures and then utilize these images to help fill in gaps in the bid packages. As a result, Danos can provide customers with a more accurate cost estimate.

Next time you're at headquarters, be sure to visit the Tech Lab, where you can practice flying our in-house drone as part of our 2019 Technology Solutions Strategic Initiative.

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