Danos and Energy Transition

Danos and Energy Transition

By: Reed Pere |
Vice President of Business Development

The Danos business development team is actively developing tactical plans for opportunities to offer many of our existing oil and gas service lines into the renewable energy market. The team, while still laser focused on our oil and gas customers and their projects, has come to understand that many of the things we do, and do well, transfer into this new and exciting energy transition that is happening inside and outside of our industry. There are hundreds of projects to build and construct wind and solar farms around the country. A large and mature footprint already exists in Texas, several in operation in the Permian and Eagle Ford basins. While we are pursuing the new construction of onshore and offshore wind, onshore solar farms and other renewable projects, these existing farms already in operation need services that Danos can provide.

We have already supported a new solar farm in Port Allen, Louisiana, with welding inspectors, and in the first quarter of 2021, we have multiple opportunities to support renewable activity with services that are part of maintaining active solar and wind farms. Examples of our service lines that will be utilized are I&E crews, roustabout crews, maintenance staff and automation services. Our ability to recruit and source remotely has also supported the opportunity to provide maintenance projects to solar farms that occur in remote areas such as Presidio, Texas, and Kingman, Arizona.

The business development team has multiple green field and operations and maintenance opportunities that we are tracking. We meet bi-weekly to review these opportunities with operations and marketing to ensure that we are well-positioning ourselves to continue to secure work in this expanding market. Our new renewable customers have quickly recognized that our values and culture line up well with theirs and have fast-tracked contracts to get us onto their projects and facilities. We believe that 2021 will be an exciting time as we continue to grow in this new market.

Juan Torres, general manager of Permian projects, Nicole Williams, marketing lead, and Paul Quintero, Permian business development representative, teamed up to create a SWAY presentation on how we can support renewable projects and maintenance. Click here to view in your browser.

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