INC-Free at Horn Mountain

INC-Free at Horn Mountain

By: Matthew Pere |
Senior Account Manager

Great job to the Danos crew on Oxy’s Horn Mountain platform.

On July 13 the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) did a platform inspection. They checked 249 components and found zero were in violation.

BSEE inspectors gave kudos to the employees on platform. They stated it was very clean, and everyone was helpful and knowledgeable.

Thank you to the Danos employees who work on the platform:

  • Aaron Green
  • Josh Salard
  • Wayne Martin
  • Eugene Granger
  • Murray Trahan
  • Shalico Andow
  • David Walker
  • Ovidio Villareal
  • Stuart Howerton
  • Xavier Washington
  • Wade Adams

Oil and Gas 101 - Issues of Noncompliance, also known as INCs, are violations of federal regulations that are observed by a BSEE inspector and issued to an operator. Each INC has a specific resulting action and requires a corrective action by the operator receiving the INC.

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