Praise From BSEE

Praise From BSEE

By: Bounty Fontenot |
Sales and Business Development Representative

Production Operator William Cormier was recently the alternate person in charge (PIC) on a simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) job for a customer in the ST 52 field when a BSEE inspector arrived to conduct testing on an outline structure. William helped the inspector throughout the entire process and when the test was complete, the BSEE representative, being so impressed by William’s professionalism, called William’s Account Manager, Bounty Fontenot, to share his praise.

The BSEE representative said, “William did such an outstanding job with the preparation of his JSEA, pre-job walk-down, and the entire process from start to finish that I felt obligated to call his supervisor to let him know William was representing Danos well. I’ve never really felt compelled to call a supervisor before, but I felt that, in this particular instance, William’s supervisor needed to know he was a great value to the customer.”

Great job William!

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