Scaffolding Software Increases Efficiency

By: Samantha Magee |
Media Relations Coordinator

In alignment with Danos’ 2019 Technology Solutions strategic initiative, our scaffolding team has begun to implement a new software to assist with scaffolding design. This software allows our team to input properties and dimensions, and in a matter of minutes it produces a scaffold design, along with a 2-D and 3-D model. The new software incorporates data and inventory to minimize time required, increase efficiency and store digital documentation.

The software greatly reduces the amount of time required to draft scaffolding plans. For example, to design a 200-foot long scaffold, including the drawing, materials needed and rental fees, would take four or five hours. Using the new software, Scaffolding Operations Manager Clay Daugherty was able to do that in just 15 minutes.

Our team’s efficiency increases from the software’s capabilities. Not only is the planning time reduced for the scaffolding team, but they can quickly send information to the commercial department for bidding and estimating. When the customer receives a quote, it can include a 3-D model of the how the scaffold will be erected, so the customer knows exactly what to expect. Plus, the program links with the current inventory management system to account for all the material needed.

Not only is the program helpful in the planning phase, but it is also helpful in the field. A superintendent on the jobsite can view the model on a smart phone or tablet in 3-D and in virtual reality. And with everything stored digitally, all previous plans and designs can be pulled at a moment’s notice.

This is just one example of how team Danos is embracing digitalization. Yes, we still need the knowledge and experience of our employees, but by embracing technology, we can work smarter.


Note: Photos shown are models designed by Clay Daugherty. 

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