Danos Aids CCA with 50th Artificial Reef Install

Danos Aids CCA with 50th Artificial Reef Install

The Coastal Conservation Association's (CCA) REEF Louisiana Program began construction on its 50th artificial reef, expanding the Ted Beaullieu Sr. Reef in South Marsh Island Block 233. This project, supported by conservation partners Chevron, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) and Danos, marks a significant milestone in habitat restoration efforts.

For the project, Danos donated 43 concrete cylinders and other recycled concrete structures to the reef expansion, which now spans over four acres in 20 feet of water. Additionally, CCA deployed 100 of nature-based modules called “Cajun Coral,” which Danos fabricates using highly specialized 3D printing technology in partnership with Natrx, Inc. These materials are expected to to enhance biodiversity and restore vital habitats for trout, redfish and a variety of fish species.

The reef expansion project, initiated in response to habitat loss from the removal of oil and gas platforms, is designed to support marine life and improve fishing opportunities. The CCA, along with its partners, is dedicated to restoring essential habitats along Louisiana's coast, ensuring the sustainability of local fisheries and benefiting coastal communities.

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Lafayette news station KATC was on site for the installation.