Danos Featured in CoatingsPro Magazine

Danos Featured in CoatingsPro Magazine

In 2023, Danos completed a project on the undercarriage of a deepwater production facility in the Gulf of Mexico. The entire team involved was excited by the results. Most importantly, the customer was ecstatic to see their corrosion arrested and the integrity of the asset extended.

Coatings Operations Manager Clay Carter spoke about the project with Ben Dubose at CoatingsPro Magazine, which featured a full story in the March 2024 edition. Read an exerpt below, or read the full story here.

For oil and gas production operators in the Gulf of Mexico, even relatively simple tasks become much more challenging based on the surrounding environment. Between jobsite access on the water, enhanced safety requirements, and an economic incentive to minimize any lost production, projects on deepwater platforms aren't for just any contractor. 

"Production comes first," said Clay Carter, operations manager at Danos, which offers a wide range of energy services. "Whether you're blasting, painting, or welding, barrels of oil drive their revenues and profits at the end of the day. So, any time they need to get into an area and blaster or painters are there, they'll shut down the operation and allow production to go in...and do whatever it is they need to do."

"That's probably one of the biggest things that's different about working in this environment," Carter added. "Most of our work is in the oil and gas industry, so I really can't directly compare it against, say, bridge maintenance. But production needs and safety are the two biggest drivers of work in the Gulf of Mexico."

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