NOIA Elects Paul Danos as Chair

NOIA Elects Paul Danos as Chair

The National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA) Board of Directors announced that it has elected Paul Danos, Owner and CEO of Danos, as the NOIA Chair and Starlee Sykes, Senior Vice President for the Gulf of Mexico and Canada for bp America, Inc., as the NOIA Vice Chair for the 2022-23 term. Danos and Sykes were confirmed in their positions during the NOIA Board of Directors meeting.

NOIA President Erik Milito said, “Paul and Starlee, and the work they are spearheading with Danos and bp America, are a testament to the importance of the American offshore industry and the myriad of ways we lift society. Whether our members are helping to produce lower carbon barrels in the Gulf of Mexico, building the rising American offshore wind sector, or scaling and deploying emerging energy segments like offshore carbon capture and storage, our members are at the vanguard of bettering the world. The world needs energy, jobs and growth in a way that drives innovation and emissions reductions efforts, and the American offshore can deliver. Paul and Starlee’s leadership will help NOIA continue to successfully advocate for the promise of American offshore energy.”

NOIA Chair Paul Danos said, “NOIA plays a critical role in advancing the offshore energy industry. Our NOIA member companies provide quality jobs for Americans as well as affordable, sustainably-produced energy for our country. I look forward to working with the NOIA team and with Starlee to continue to provide innovative solutions that can strengthen America’s energy security."

NOIA Vice Chair Starlee Sykes said, "I’m excited to continue the important work we are doing at NOIA in this new role. At bp, our Gulf of Mexico business is a critical source of US energy security, provides jobs and investment in the Gulf coast region and will be a key driver of our transformation and ambition to reach net zero by 2050 or sooner. I look forward to forging new paths for NOIA and the energy industry along with Paul Danos of Danos LLC.”

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